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A summer vacation in Beau-Rivage Palace will lift your spirits.



Lake Geneva, on which the sky is reflected and sunbeams carelessly play on the water, sets one’s state of mind. A Vital Package program puts energy in each body cell: it is like a reboot when your body receives an order to cleanse itself, recover and find harmony. Such an effect is possible because this integrated effect is provided under the supervision of high-caliber professionals – the world-renown dietologist Olivier Bourkan and the personal fitness instructor Jeremy Peltier. Your way of thinking changes: you will want to refuse all unhealthy products and, instead, choose only natural ones. The body starts to work in another way – it starts to cleanse itself on a cellular level, employing hidden resources. The program is designed for a weekend: The price of a double room facing the lake and the Alps is 3800 CHF. These will be three happy days.



The sun peeps into one swimming pool, while the other pool is hidden under a roof next to a peacefully bubbling spa tub. Hot moisture and drops precipitate impatiently on hamam shelves. A tropical shower is seen off by a low whisper in a dressing room… The founder of the Cinq Mondes spa, Jean-Loup Poirou, spent 10 years visiting different countries to find the best techniques and procedures for massage. This world is yours alone: a felicite double bedroom fitted with a Japanese bath for two people, hamam, two massage tables and a garden. Cinq Mondes has its own skin care products that consist only of natural ingredients; they do not contain paraben, phenoxyethanol, silicon or artificial colouring agents. Also, there is a special cabin for scalp treatments in the spa’s salon.




Eastern wisdom in combination with Western innovations has given us incredible results; Cinq Mondes spa has a unique combination of approaches. A Taoist ritual from China allows for the harmonizing of body and mind. The procedure is designed to last two days and includes a ceremony with a Japanese flower bath, treatment with an aromatic scrub with rare spices and a recuperative Tao massage; a Tao fountain for a youthful complexion; and a recuperative and tightening procedure for leg problems (580 CHF per person). A Balinese princess’ ritual will make you feel like a person of royal lineage. Two days involve a ceremony with the aromas and flowers of a Japanese bath; a papaya puree scrub; a ritual with five flowers for a shiny complexion; and a relaxing back massage (560 CHF per person).



Clients of the Beau-Rivage Palace can see how clouds have shimmered on the surface of the water for 150 years. The air’s transparency remains as constant as the quality of rest… A good old friend, La Montreux, a steamer of the Main Navigation Company, is at one and the same time a floating restaurant. It cruises in promenade mode from 23 June till 5 September 2015, but it can also accommodate 170 people for a private event. The chief cooks of Beau-Rivage Palace welcome guests on board the restaurant. A menu is available with carpaccio, smoked fish, calamari, octopus and other snacks. And, of course, it is all on the fair sea…



The Pic Collection is a collection of gastronomic impressions by chief cook Ann-Sophie Pic, of the Beau- Rivage Palace restaurant. The Emotions menu is a wave of sensations that could be described as a delicacy in the field of feeling. This year Ann-Sophie has entrusted the implementation of her creative ideas to Kevin Gatin. New flavours, unexpected combinations, and a harmonious balance between health-giving properties and taste – this is the secret of the Beau- Rivage Palace menu. Do you fancy langoustines a la plancha in a concoction made of green apple, cinnamon leaves, anise and celery from the Emotions menu? Or lake crabs fried over a slow fire with turnips, honey and a special aroma from the Pic Collection? You can hardly predict the taste unless you try it… The Japanese restaurant Miyako is dedicated to traditional food, and guests will be convinced as sushi and teppanyaki is cooked in front of their eyes for several minutes. They don’t cheat on Japanese recipes and names. However, if you prefer an adapted alternative, they will cook it upon your request. The price of the sushi and sashimi menu is 68 CHF. Orders can be made from 12:00 till 02:00 and from 07:00 pm till 09:45. Tel: +41 21 613 33 91. If you sit on the restaurant’s terrace, your eye will be caught by the lake, the skyline and The Alps…


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