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Magic gardens



«Giardino» means «garden» in Italian. Every one of their hotels is like a fantastic flower, an exotic plant. It’s up to you to choose which of them is to your taste…



A legendary hotel, the walls of which could tell tales of private performances by Freddie Mercury in the bar, the later days of Muhammad Ali and other amazing episodes, has undergone a complete renovation and is welcoming guests again. The authors have carefully preserved the spirit of the 70s. Old photos on the walls take us back in time to the days of fast and furious rock ‘n’ roll, rock ‘n’ roll that defied boredom and mediocrity.

Once in Suite Hublot 107 (which will please decisive men), you will be able to travel back in time, as the images of clocks on the walls allude to eras past. Te space in the hotel is organized in such a way that you can hold a business conference, an engagement party and a meeting of old friends at the same time without any one of them bothering the others. Away from prying eyes, there is a spa area with a waterfall and an alpine slide, where time seems to slow down, the heart starts beating more calmly and the breath becomes smoother.

It could be said that Atlantis by Giardino has combined two worlds: one of developed, trained intelligence and the other one of carefree relaxed chic. Tie view contributes to this impression: on one side there is a panorama of Zurich, while on the other side there are mountains and green lawns. The convenient location makes it possible to combine the luxury of a country holiday with the need to be in the thick of things in the heart of Europe.





The hotel is situated on the shore of Lago Maggiore and is reflected in its sun-dappled surface. Being by the water helps you quickly regain inner peace. This boutique hotel has 14 rooms (each individually designed) and suites created for you forget about the outside world. The cuisine matches the free spirit of the hotel: the Lago restaurant offers brunches in a carefree Mediterranean style, long lunches and romantic dinners with a view of the sunset reflected in the smooth, azure

surface of the water. If you wish, you can visit the Jazz Ascona festival, the Locarno film festival, or classical music concerts.




A breath of carefree life among mountains, green lawns and azure waters… every detail of the design delights the eye: arches and columns covered with entwined greenery, sparkling fountains, serene statues, lotus ‘ flowers on the mirrored surface of a pond, curving lemon trees with juicy yellow fruits hidden among the leaves… This is the spirit of the realm of Ticino, the Italian part of Switzerland. Gastronomic pleasure: is guaranteed in Aphrodite, a restaurant with high-quality Mediterranean cuisine. Starting off your day with a brunch at the Sunny Delight means setting the mood as you mean it to remain until the very end of the evening. Indian Sunset is a i fitting end to the day in the lounge area of the hotel and the promise of a beautiful j new morning. As for gourmets, they are 1 welcome in Ecco Ascona, a restaurant with two Michelin stars and exquisite cuisine full of unexpected combinations of pure flavors and aromas.

In the summer of 2016, Giardino Ascona became the first five-star hotel to offer its guests the Ayurvedic wellness program, as delivered by Umesh Tezhasvi, a well-known Indian master and author of the book My Ayurveda. His programme is an echo of the Himalayas in the Alps. Perfecting your body and calming your spirit in the comfort of a five star hotel in Switzerland is a special treat that will be appreciated by the most sophisticated guests.

In July Giardino Ascona celebrated its 30th anniversary. There was an individually tailored program for each guest and a gala dinner for everyone.




This five-star hotel is located in the Engadine Mountains in St. Moritz and strives for the highest standards. The hotel is an example of the typical Alpine style, with design elements giving it special chic. It is a mistake to think that mountains are worth visiting only in winter, solely for skiing. A truly aristocratic holiday is impossible to imagine without golf, so if you are coming to Giardino Mountain, do bring your clubs along. Yoga lovers can dedicate their time to their hobby. Mountains give you energy, and if you are looking for a way to spend it, you can go cycling or hiking in the mountains. An active lifestyle means an increased appetite, and the three Giardino Mountain restaurants will please the most demanding gourmet: regional Engadine cuisine, a Mediterranean menu or Asian- style dishes – all visitors are sure to find something to please them.


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