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Ice and flame




Switzerland in the winter is not just a place for a skiing vacation in the snowy mountains. The hotels of the Giardino Group offer a special place full of harmony, inspired by Oriental health practices which will be appreciated by Ayurveda lovers and those who like being in tune with their bodies. Daniela Frutiger, member of the Executive Board at Giardino Group, talks about this oasis of ancient Indian medicine in the Swiss mountains.


The Giardino Ascona is the first five-star hotel in Switzerland to focus on Ayurveda on this scale. What are the benefits of Ayurveda in luxury hotel conditions?

– Ayurveda is a healthy lifestyle. It is the oldest medical concept, with a history of more than 3,500 years. We want our guests to benefit from this philosophy. In a world full of pressure and stress, Ayurveda is the answer. Do enjoy our Ayurvedic food, treatment and therapy – all of which is, of course, much more comfortable in a five-star hotel! We offer Ayurvedic food, treatments and therapies in all Giardino hotels.

– What is the role of prevention in Ayurveda? What do Ayurveda cures achieve?

– Ayurveda is a holistic program for better aging. This is primarily based on nutrition. Not everyone can tolerate the same food. For this reason, people in Ayurvedic medicine are divided into doshas. In Ayurveda, food is not only food – it is medicine. A human being should eat the food that keeps them healthy. In our society, many people only get sick because they feed themselves badly. In addition, detoxification, as well as internal balance, has the highest priority. For this reason, we also offer therapies, treatments, yoga and meditation.



– What is the advantage of an Ayurveda cure in Switzerland compared with one in India? South India is the birthplace of Ayurveda, after all.

– The Ayurvedic doctrine originates from South India, but it is very well suited to our Western lifestyle. Thus, we find many treatment methods which our parents and grandparents have also applied. Also, the food is not Indian – we have adapted the cuisine to regional products and spices. The advantage is that you can enjoy all the benefits of Ayurveda amidst the grandiose natural beauty of Switzerland without getting jet lag and without the negative reaction to Indian food which often affects the stomachs of westerners.

– There are some special cosmetic lines for Ayurveda – please tell me more about that.

– We have been working with Aveda for a long time, Aveda is a holistic care concept for the hair, face and body. The roots of Aveda’s care concept is Ayurveda. In addition, we have developed our own cosmetics brand, Dipu Cosmetics, which is made from grapes, honey, almonds and spices from Ticino. It is made without any preservatives or other toxic substances.

– How does the Ayurvedic ethos integrate into everyday life following a cure?

– You can easily integrate the Ayurveda system into your daily life once you know exactly which type of nutrituion is best for you.

– Are there any special Ayurveda techniques for winter?

– «Detox» in the weeks after Christmas, the best time for a new start to the year!

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