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Holidays with Swiss



A holiday! Everyone has an image of their ideal pastime; some people dream of the marvelous Swiss Alps, some about taking a motor boat trip on the Vierwaldst ttersee, and others will go to Maggiore Lake where the gentle sun and the clear water will rejuvenate you and give you strength for another year ahead. One thing is for sure; everyone wants to feel as though they are already on holiday

as they travel to their destination.


The crew of the Swiss airline SWISS takes the best aspects there are on every flight to their beautiful motherland: hospitality, punctuality and quality. So when you find yourself on board on the day, you will instantly feel that your holiday has begun.


If you opted for a Swiss holiday, go by direct SWISS flight to Geneva or Zurich. If you want to discover the remote parts of the country, use the Fly Rail service. The baggage registered in the departure airport will wait for you at the railway station of your destination in Switzerland. This is especially convenient for skiers or golf players who have heavy equipment.



Practical people who value time may use the opportunity provided by SWISS to order Duty Free goods with a catalog from home and then receive them in the cabin. You can also make your relatives happy by giving them a small gift on board. If you book the «Favor» service on swiss. com, the flight attendant will give the recipient a bottle of champagne or a delicious cake.




The Swiss airline has developed «logbooks» for young passengers that will entertain the most active travelers. Each record in this logbook can be signed by the aircraft captain upon the owner’s request.



Getting acquainted with local cuisine is an integral part of a good holiday that many people enjoy. SWISS, as a representative of Switzerland, offers traditional Swiss dishes to its guests.

The airline entrusts the creation of an on board menu to its «star» country chefs from different cantons. This summer, business class passengers on long distance and European flights will be able to try the cuisine from the Zurich region. The menu on board always includes seasonal products, pies and freshly baked products. Moreover, each passenger can order a special menu for free in accordance with their dietary preferences: kosher, vegan, low-calorie, with low salt content, halal, children’s (puree or ordinary), gluten-free, lactose-free, Japanese, for diabetics and several options of vegetarian menus. These dishes have to be ordered in advance, at least 72 hours before the flight.

If you bought a SWISS ticket, you can be sure that your holiday will start on board the flight. Take a good mood with you, and SWISS will take care of the rest.


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