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Relax and revitalise



We all need a break from our daily routine for something that will not only relax us, but revitalise and re-balance us too. Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, Europe’s leading wellbeing and medical health resort, has collaborated with French organic body care specialists Altearah® Bio to develop three new programmes exclusively available to guests at the five-star resort. The new programmes are perfect for those who are feeling stressed, exhausted or simply a little off balance, and they have been designed to bring about longterm benefits so guests can feel the effects long after they’ve left the spa.

Three restorative programmes, Ragaz Relaxation, Ragaz Vitality and Ragaz Balance, are now available. Each programme comprises of several treatments which guests can enjoy over a period of two to five days, safe in the knowledge that they will continue to benefit from their stay after returning home. The three soothing programmes combine the power of the resort’s healing thermal waters with beautiful plantbased organic products from Altearah. Bio’s Emotive Cosmetics line.

Before each treatment, guests will have a wellbeing consultation with a skilled Naturopath to determine their current condition and their requirements throughout the programme. Each programme involves one Altearah. treatment a day, including classic massages, compression massages, body packs, foot baths and facial scrubs. The pampering does not end there, as all programmes are supplemented by additional sessions such as aqua gym lessons or individual bathing and floating cycles in the thermal waters. Additional treatment-specific services, such as yoga relaxation or personal training sessions, are also available. Every guest also receives a set of Altearah. products to take home with them, so they can continue to feel relaxed and revitalised long after leaving Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. The scents and specific products depend on which programme guests have experienced.



Relaxation by ALTEARAH® BIO” programme

This programme is the perfect option for those whose stressful lives are catching up with them, as it offers the body and mind a well-deserved break. Relaxation by Alteaerah. Bio consists of two Altearah. Bio treatments, “Return to the source” and “The harmony of energy” to help the body mend from the effects of stress and summon a new inner strength to draw upon. A yoga or pilates class will also help to deepen the link between mind and body. In the four-day version of the programme, two further treatments, “Discovering the inner self” and “Positive energy”, will help guests to find a new sense of calm and serenity.

A two-day Relaxation Programme (excluding accommodation) starts from CHF 675

A four-day Relaxation Programme (excluding accommodation) starts from CHF 1195



Vitality by ALTEARAH® BIO programme

For those who feel constantly exhausted, the Vitality Programme is the ideal energy booster, as it aims to relieve fatigue and to bring a new sense of freshness into your life. Treatments from the programme include a “Refreshing sunshine” treatment and an “Energy booster” treatment to help guest find a new thirst for life. The package also includes a personal training session that will help even the most exercise-shy fall in love with fitness again! During the four-day treatment option, two further treatments, “New paths with a clear mind” and “The power of the Himalayas”, will strengthen the body and nervous system. Additional sport sessions also offer a boost of energy and another dose of endorphins.

A two-day Vitality Programme (excluding accommodation) starts from CHF 550

A four-day Vitality Programme (excluding accommodation) starts from CHF 1095



Balance by ALTEARAH® BIO programme

Sometimes, our body, mind and soul are just a little out of balance. Our appearance can reflect this and we are left with skin that lacks brightness and radiance. The “Balance by Altearah. Bio” programme detoxifies the body and mind. This programme includes five treatments; “New paths with a clear mind”, “Breath – the source of life”, “The power of the Himalayas”, “Refreshing sunshine” and “In the here and now” as well as a classic facial, manicure and pedicure. These massages, facials and body treatments will reveal a firmer, more structured body with satinsmooth and radiant skin.

A five-day Balance Programme (excluding accommodation) starts from CHF 1430


For a chance to completely reset, why not visit Grand Resort Bad Ragaz and indulge in one of these exceptional programmes of healing treatments, surrounded by the Swiss Alps’ fresh and clean mountain air? In a world where most of us are constantly on the go, we all need some time to focus on ourselves. What better place to do this than at Europe’s leading wellbeing and medical health resort?



Ekaterina andreeva, tv-moderator, travelblogger:

– We were travelling around Switzerland by train only and I don’t regret it for a minute. It’s really convenient and safe, given Swiss efficiency – faster than any car.

Bad Ragaz is the most famous thermal springs resort in Switzerland (which is not the same as a mineral springs resort, incidentally). It has a huge number of thermal water pools and an excellent medical center in which you can have any examination and get a doctor’s prescription. The spa impresses with its choice of procedures – from classical to exotic, and taken from Tibetan and Oriental practices. In the nearby neighborhood you can find the source, which, according to legend, was blessed by the appearance of the Virgin Mary – lots of pilgrims come here. This water is believed to have healing properties. The Bad Ragaz thermal water received a certificate of quality from the great doctor Paracelsus as early as the 16th century.

There are many restaurants in Bad Ragaz. For those not on a diet, it would be wise to visit them – one of the local chefs appears on the list of the fifty best chefs in the world. Considering his very young age, this is a formidable achievement. There are many cheese farms in the neighborhood where you can see how the cheese is made. I went to one and it turned out to be a very interesting process.

The thermal springs were so exciting that I couldn’t leave! Only when the cleaners began to sweep the floors did it become clear that this time of bliss had finished and we had to wait until the next day to return. I went to my room, wrapped myself up in a hot sheet, and gradually came the understanding that part of my problems has been washed away by this water, water which knows neither fear, nor envy, nor anger, nor hatred. Only bliss, comfort, health, love, peace …

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