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Visiting an old friend



In the tough rhythms of modern life and the buzz of big cities, there is not much space left for simple everyday pleasures like pampering, care and attention, and they are all the more pleasant when they are unexpected.

In the smallest five-star hotel in Zurich, Alden Splügenschloss, you have the unique sense that you are visiting good friends who know all your habits and preferences, who can easily guess and, with pleasure, fulfil your desires. The name of the hotel comes from the old English word “aldwyn”, which means “old friend” – that is, a person who understands you without words.

In the room there is an antique chest of drawers or a dressing-table – it seems they knew your grandmother and probably remember a lot of your family secrets. Alden Splügenschloss Hotel has many pieces of furniture and interiors that have stood the test of time. Their presence makes it possible to suspend the swift passage of our life and to touch eternity. The luxurious interiors of the hotel, the parquet floors and the original stucco of the centuries-old building fit perfectly with the familiar conveniences of our times. The room, though in the style of a wooden chalet, contains all the indispensable gadgets of modern life.



You can choose a room in which bedroom, living room and business area are separate. If you came with your family and you need to carry out a business meeting, there is no need to go out into the city – it will be more convenient to invite your partners to your place. The business area is equipped with a computer and everything necessary for work. If a special meeting is planned, you may avail yourself of a library with a leather sofa and a large selection of books – everything here conjures an air of trusting and thoughtful communication …… However, sometimes you just want to sit here on your own, alone with your thoughts.

Where else if not in this hotel, which has been functioning since 1895, do the personnel have such a sense of timeless values, such as the luxury of living without fuss? Where else do they manage always to be in the right place at the right time?



The smallest five-star hotel in Zurich has 22 exclusive suites, each of which is individual and rendered in its own unique style. Alden Splügenschloss Hotel is located in the center of the city, but at the same time it is free from city noise and hassle. After just a few minutes of walking, you will find yourself at the Lake of Zurich, the old town, its banks and offices, and the famous Bahnhofstrasse. You can be in the thick of things, but if you want you can always escape into the “quiet harbor” of the hotel.

The personnel will help to organize your stay in Zurich in such a way that you will have time to work, negotiate, wander through the streets of the city, plunge into its cultural life… There is no need to constantly communicate with employees. It is enough to make notes in the tablet which you will be given upon arrival. This gadget will be your personal secretary. For example, if you need to arrange a meeting with a doctor or a consultation with a bank representative, and to catch the ballet at the Zurich opera… There will be no schedule clashes and everything will work like a well-functioning mechanism.



Whatever your goals in visiting Zurich, the Alden Splügenschloss Hotel will take into account all of your wishes. You can choose the “Luxury” package and have at your disposal a personal wellness center with jacuzzi and sauna and the luxury of a private terrace overlooking the city center. You will enjoy a five-course dinner, appreciating the gastronomic delights and admiring the city lights from on high.

The “Red Rose” package is intended for those who want a romantic trip. Everything will correspond to your mood: the lyrical design of the suite, a menu that includes dishes with aphrodisiacs, and such important nuances as rose petals and, of course, candles. The ambience will create a romantic mood – including your tablet, ready to play your favorite tunes for a few hours. After all, old friends know what you like …

Friendship is tested by time, and true luxury never loses its value after years or decades or – in the case of the Alden Splügenschloss Hotel – centuries.

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