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Swiss: always in a good mood



Swiss International Air Lines is a national Swiss air carrier offering daily flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg to Zurich and Geneva, and further afield all over the world, with the punctuality of Swiss watches.


Moreover, as a true representative of Switzerland, the air carrier takes care of many other things: in addition to delivering you quickly from one place to another, it will also offer additional services that will make your flight really enjoyable.



It is widely known that frequent flights are not good for your face and appearance. However, it is totally different with SWISS. In our aircraft lavatories, both in business and economy classes, you will find Valmont skin care products, a cleansing spray and a moisturizing lotion, and in first class on our intercontinental flights you will be provided with a personal Bally cosmetics kit with la prairie products. By the way, here’s one tip from our stewardesses: after you apply a moisturizer, sop your face and hands with a towel to avoid the skin drying out as the moisture evaporates. Also, our crew members say that it’s better to have makeup on your face during the flight, since it provides additional protection from bacteria and the dry air in the cabin.


You can buy the cheapest fare and then upgrade to business class at half price or even cheaper at SWISS.COM during booking. A passenger buying the Comfort Package will enjoy all business class services, including the lounge and the priority baggage claim. Exceptions include fare rules and baggage allowance, which correspond with your initially purchased fare.




If you stick to a particular diet, you don’t have to be hungry aboard our planes. Several days before departure, you can order a special meal for yourself, free of charge. SWISS offers about 20 tailored menu options: kosher, vegetarian, vegan, lactose- free, nut-free, gluten-free, infant, child, low-sodi- um, diabetic, halal, and others.



SWISS passengers pay only for the services they need. If you don’t have any large baggage, choose Light Fare and fly with hand baggage only, thus saving about EUR 40. If you suddenly find out that you do need to take large baggage, you can take it by paying an additional EUR 30. Everything is flexible. With Classic Fare, the baggage allowance (including skiing equipment) is already included.




If you fly with SWISS with your children, don’t worry: SWISS knows how to help parents. In addition to the usual puzzles, colouring books and stickers, children aged from 3 to 10 years will be provided with in-flight magazines containing a Swiss map with bright photos of places of interest and a travel diary, where they can make a record of their flights, and every record can be signed off by the aircraft captain.

All in all, if you buy a SWISS ticket, you can be sure that your holiday will start aboard the plane. Take your good mood with you, and SWISS will take care of everything else.


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