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Serenity instead of pain



Would you trade a hospital bed for a luxury spa hotel room? We asked the CEO of Kliniken Valens, Till Hornung, and the CEO of Bad Ragaz, Patrick Vogler, to tell us about the new joint rehabilitation program that will make this dream come true for many patients and their families.


– How did you come up with the idea of the joint program? I know that the properties are very close to each other, so was it just a neighborly decision?

Patrick Vogler: There are several reasons why Kliniken Valens is our ideal partner. First of all, the clinic is indeed located a short distance from Clinic Bad Ragaz, which proved to be an important advantage in the collaboration. Kliniken Valens are also among the most renowned providers of medical rehabilitation in Switzerland, with very good connections to insurance companies. The research and development they conduct at Kliniken Valens is world-class. Another important factor was the thermal water. Just like Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, Kliniken Valens use the healing thermal water flowing from Tamina Gorge in their programs. Did you know that Kliniken Valens have their origins at Grand Resort Bad Ragaz? With this collaboration, we are moving closer together again.



– What is the main idea behind the joint program of Kliniken Valens and Grand Resort Bad Ragaz? What benefit does this cooperation hold for the patient?

Patrick Vogler: The collaboration with Kliniken Valens is going to bring various benefits to Clinic Bad Ragaz. Kliniken Valens offers state-of-the-art technology, e.g. use of robotics in rehabilitation. With this new collaboration, we will be able to also use this technology for patients at Clinic Bad Ragaz. Additionally, as one of the biggest rehabilitation providers in Switzerland, Kliniken Valens conducts a lot of research that eventually helps to further develop their therapeutic techniques. With Kliniken Valens as our new medical partner, Clinic Bad Ragaz will also benefit from advances resulting from that research. In addition, not only will the patients at Clinic Bad Ragaz benefit from this collaboration but so will our staff. The new partnership will open up a number of possibilities for training as well as for moving forward the careers of our staff.

– Will all the services of Kliniken Valens (physiotherapy, sports therapy, etc.) be offered on the premises of Bad Ragaz, or will patients have to go to Kliniken Valens for some of the procedures and treatments?

Till Hornung: Mainly, all of our therapies and treatments will also be offered in Bad Ragaz. Only some very specific procedures, such as specialized robotics, will be conducted in Valens. We believe that only a few patients will have to commute between the two.



– Is Bad Ragaz making any changes to accommodate Kliniken Valens patients? Special rooms, medical facilities, infrastructure, etc?

Patrick Vogler: The infrastructure at the Clinic Bad Ragaz has been elevated to an excellent level in the past few years and therefore there is no need for any refurbishment with the new collaboration. We will, however, invest in additional therapeutic equipment.

– What types of patients do you expect this program will be most beneficial for?

– Till Hornung: There will be three different areas of treatment: neurological, rheumatologic/orthopedic, and oncologic rehabilitation. Also, patients with severe internal medical problems such as metabolic crisis can benefit from this program.



– Do you think the surroundings – beautiful nature, comfortable rooms, caring staff, quality cuisine – are important for patients who are recovering from neurological diseases or are being treated for them?

Till Hornung: We believe that our new rehabilitation program perfectly meets the demand for first-class quality clinical rehabilitation in combination with outstanding levels of comfort and hospitality. With this combination, the Clinic Bad Ragaz is uniquely positioned, in terms not only of Switzerland but also of many other countries. Our patients will benefit hugely from this.

– Can regular guests at Bad Ragaz Grand Resort participate in the program? For example, can they have a consultation with a neurologist or rheumatologist from Kliniken Valens, or receive some recommendations?

– Patrick Vogler: Yes, our hotel guests can also benefit from the collaboration. Upon request, the doctors at Kliniken Valens offer consultations for hotel guests. Furthermore, they work hand-in-hand with the doctors at our Medical Health Center.

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