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The heart of mountains



Learning to live well, remaining true to your own concept of the world and accepting it, is a goal that can be achieved only by a self-confident person. Reaching it can be made easier by the right choice of location.

The famous hot springs, known since Roman times, have made the name of the town of Leukerbad a household word. «Going to a spa» here has been the habit of the aristocratic crowds for centuries. The healing properties of the local waters prompted the development of tourism in the area and made Leukerbad one of the largest spa and wellness resorts in Switzerland. But water is just one reason to come here.

The place fully meets modern needs for living and relaxing in «an envirosafe space». The downtown area is closed to motor traffic, and the Alpine air is pristine.



Leukerbad’s attractions include the Museum of Local History (located in a 13th-century building formerly inhabited by princes and bishops), the Galerie St. Laurent, and a 16th-century parish church. The tiny village of Inden can be found within a 10-minute drive from the resort, and has many ancient buildings, including a beautiful 18th-century church.

For those who lack adrenaline and are in good physical shape, the longest, and most vertiginous in Switzerland (800 meters long), via ferrata is located here. To traverse it completely, it is necessary to overcome 1,300 meters of hanging bridges and climb four flights of stairs with a height of 350 meters.

But let us not forget about the classical aristocratic pastime: it must be mentioned that people go to Leukerbad to visit the world-renowned Leukerbad Clinic, which specializes in complex diagnostics, orthopedics, rheumatology, and sports and anti-aging medicine.




This highly prestigious medical center has been operating for 55 years and offers an entire complex of programs: rehabilitation and physiotherapy, orthopedics, ergotherapy, sports therapy, and dietetics. The Clinic’s doctors combine the latest methods of diagnostics and treatment with the special therapeutic effects of thermal waters, developing a proprietary methodology for treating rheumatic diseases.



To prevent the development of a disease or to diagnose it at an early stage and get rid of it for good… Leukerbad is the best place in Europe for this. Here, a team of highly qualified specialized doctors has created and is successfully using a unique program of general diagnostics.

Besides this, two specialized complex physical examinations have been developed and are offered to patients in the gynecology department. One of them is aimed at improving health in the period before, during and after the menopause. The other one, for women and couples, aims at successfully solving infertility problem.



Here you can simply soak up the water in two swimming pools (indoor and outdoor), admire the magnificent mountain scenery, go for a ride on skis or a snowmobiles, play tennis or curling, or take lessons in golf or horse-riding. Sportspeople often come here, both amateurs and world famous pros, for treatment and consultation.





The Clinic’s specialists have vast experience in detoxification and have a whole set of proven scientific approaches. Treatment methods are selected strictly in accordance with the patients’ needs. Acupressure massage, Vichy shower and a reflexology session are bonuses to the general treatments aimed at bodily purification.



Special programs for weight reduction include a two-week «Vital Care – Weight Loss» and a three-week «Vital Care – Slimming» programs and provide for a fasting period, which can be replaced by a low-calorie diet (at the customer’s choice or for medical reasons). As the Clinic’s doctors stress, these are aimed not at losing a few extra kilos, but at acquiring, during these 15 or 22 days, new habits that will prevent the Clinic’s patients from gaining weight in the future.


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