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Why do we occasionally cease to feel the joy of life and instead get upset at our reflection in a mirror? There is no disease, but you cannot say that you are healthy either. Instead of a fresh-looking face there is a pale mask; instead of a beaming smile there are lifeless eyes. Indeed, these visible signs of tiredness are followed by insomnia, headaches and more.

The most likely diagnosis in this case is intoxication of the body by negative factors: air pollution, long hours spent at your computer in an office, stress at work… All of it surreptitiously weakens us and leads to diseases. The Biotonus Clinic has a great deal of experience in bringing such patients back to life – their detoxification programs, developed by the best professionals, are capable of reviving your body on a deep, cellular level. Being by the shores of Lake Geneva in Montreux, looking at the smooth surface of the water, inhaling the winter air. you begin to feel better in each and every cell. Dr. Reza Tavassoli can interpret the most complex changes in the human body and reverse the most negative of processes.



– Dr. Tavassoli, why does our body require detoxification? And what is the reason for pollution – the wrong lifestyle or the bad air quality in cities?

– As we know, the human body is composed of approximately three trillion cells. The cells are the smallest unit of life, and in order that these cells can live and function properly they need oxygen and energy. The oxygen that we inhale into our lungs is transported by our blood to different organs, tissues and finally into the cells where the mitochondria oxidize organic compounds and, thus, produce energy. However, about 5% of oxygen is not used up but it is transformed into free radicals, which attack and damage different parts of the cells (for example, the DNA or the membrane). The accumulation of free radicals leads to the «pollution» of a cell. A young body has the capacity to neutralize these free radicals and reverse this process, thus cleansing the waste product from the cells. As one gets older, this cleansing power decreases progressively and the waste accumulates in cells, therefore decreasing the efficiency of cell function until the cell dies.

The process of accumulation of the waste product in the cells is accelerated also by external factors such as smoking, alcohol abuse, exposure to ultraviolet light, an unhealthy diet and excess consumption of processed food, which contains plenty of pesticides and insecticides (substances used to kill insects), and other toxic products in the environment.

– What can it lead to?

– Degenerative diseases can affect different parts of the body such as the musculoskeletal system, the cardiovascular system, the respiratory system, the digestive system, the liver functions, etc. It accelerates the aging process and even provokes certain cancers.

The paradox inherent in oxygen is that every living human being needs oxygen, but at the same time it can damage life. Antioxidants help to manage this negative impact. The antioxidants found in certain food containing vitamins А, С and Е, selenium, zinc and other minerals, and polyphenol and lycopene help the cells to cleanse themselves of the accumulated waste. This process is called detoxification. The body neutralizes toxic substances and revitalizes the cells gradually, in several stages. Antioxidants certainly play a big role in this process as well.

– How may a person sense that his body needs a detox program?

– When a person feels tired and run down, or when he cannot cope with professional or private responsibilities. Some people have difficulty sleeping. One can have nonspecific somatic symptoms, and a decrease in immunity that can bring about infectious diseases. Some experience muscular pain or discomfort after physical exercise and some experience a change in appetite, which can cause weight gain or weight loss. Physical appearance can also be affected by pimples or dark circles around the eyes. This all points to the fact that the organism is not coping with the toxic load.


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– How do you examine the levels of pollution in the human body in your clinic?

– Upon arrival at the Biotonus clinic, the patient goes through several stages of a medical check-up. This includes a complete medical history and clinical examination, electrocardiogram, abdominal echography, chest x-ray, neck and back x-ray, and blood, urine and stool tests, as well as some specific blood and urine tests (such as stress markers, nutrient deficiency, cardiovascular risk and inflammation, nutrition and metabolism, toxic trace elements in the urine and endocrine status). In addition, the person’s bodily condition is examined and analyzed; the nutritionist offers his conclusion. This enables us to evaluate the level of intoxication. We have the possibility of performing specific genetic tests as well.

– If a person doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink alcohol, and leads a healthy lifestyle, how often does he or she need the detox program?

– Even if a person doesn’t drink or doesn’t smoke, they may still accumulate free radicals. As I said before, the fact that the body is in contact with other toxic substances in the environment makes a person eligible for a detox program at least once a year. The detox program is designed with the individual characteristics of a patient in mind: his age, his genetic characteristics, and his lifestyle.

– What does this program include?

– It detoxifies organs such as the liver, lungs, kidneys, brain, digestive system, and skin. We provide systematic treatment of the whole body. In addition, a daily body care program is offered at the clinic. The patient receives a special dietary menu and goes through different treatments. To enable the body to get rid of toxic waste, we have developed special dietary supplements and vitamins to improve the immune system, improve the circulation, decrease stress, and improve the mental sexual potency of the body.

During a stay at Biotonus, the patient learns to improve the quality of his or her life. This means elaborate alimentation, exercise, better sleep and learning to decrease stress and mitigate against environmental factors. Thus intoxication will decrease, and the patient will not lose energy so fast. This is a systematic approach to the body, which allows one to enjoy every minute of life.



Reza Tavassoli

From 1969 to 1973 he studied biology in the USA then medicine in Switzerland and in 1979 he received a diploma from the University of Lausanne. From 1979 to 1984 he underwent a medical internship at the hospital of the Canton of Vaud. From 1984 to 1987 he worked at the Biotonus Clinic as a physician, and then he was medical manager for two years. Since 1989 he has been Medical Director and Head of the Biotonus Clinic.


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