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Zurich brings together creative city life and idyllic scenery within the smallest of areas. Art connoisseurs and culture enthusiasts have over 50 museums and more than 100 galleries to choose from, while inquisitive city explorers can discover the striking contrast between the picturesque Old Town and the modern, constantly changing urban quarters. Nature lovers seeking fresh air and open green spaces will delight in the city’s location directly by the lake, in its abundant expanses of forest and parkland, and in its very own mountain, the Uetliberg. In addition, the vibrant nightlife, offering the widest choice of entertainment facilities in Switzerland, is perfectly suited to night owls and the young at heart.



Water is omnipresent in Zurich. Lake Zurich, around which the city is built, and the River Limmat, which winds its way past the Old Town‘s buildings and through up-and-coming urban quarters, lend it a refreshing Mediterranean ambience. In Zurich, life takes place in, on and beside the water. Where else can you swim in a river or lake right in the city centre? In Zurich, it’s simply part of the culture. Whereas swimming in a river or a lake is a daily ritual for many of the local inhabitants, guests in Zurich also find this the ideal way to cool down after a shopping trip or a museum visit. With around 40 facilities, the region of Zurich offers the highest density of swimming facilities in the world. Of these, 18 lake, river and open-air swimming areas are ideal for guests who wish to cool down under the broad sky. And after dusk, some of the riverside and lakeside facilities transform into bars, stages and cinemas, popular meeting places on mild summer nights. With the soft lights reflecting on the water’s surface, unique moods are created each night. Some 1,200 fountains within the urban area quench the thirst of passers-by with pure drinking water and idyllic waterside locations offer tempting natural spectacles and relaxing activities such as walks along the banks. zuerich. com/summer



Zurich’s restaurant scene is as diverse as the city itself. Its 2,000+ restaurants range from award-winning gourmet establishments to traditional guild houses with eventful pasts, right through to out-of- the-ordinary venues in factory halls. In gastronomic Zurich, you can find every type of cuisine in the world. Particularly worth trying, however, are the local specialties, which taste particularly delicious here – no visit is complete without sampling «Zurcher Geschnetzeltes» and cheese fondue.




The first purpose-built cinema in Zurich was built in the city’s Seefeld district in 1922 and operated as the Razzia until 1989. Following renovations, the former cinema with a 20-foot-high ceiling now houses the splendid Razzia restaurant. The interior’s well-maintained screen and the 1920s vibe add a touch of glamour to the Mediterranean dishes served. Since the beginning of January, the newly opened Milchbar welcomes guests who want to enjoy some refreshments during their shopping spree on the Bahnhofstrasse or have a tasty snack after an eventful day by Lake Zurich. The philosophy of this new establishment is to create a popular meeting place that combines a caf -bar and a delicatessen by providing an easy-going and relaxed ambiance. Hams hang from the ceiling, a wide selection of wines are on offer on the upper floor, and the various types of bread – gluten-free without exception – are baked in the Milchbar’s own bakery. In addition, a mini-hotel comprising just one room has opened on the upper floor. This room cannot be booked, but is rented to the highest bidder.



Zurich brings together creative city life and idyllic scenery

From luxury to international brands and from tradition-steeped businesses to urban Zurich labels – shopping in Zurich inspires both aficionados of exclusive items and lovers of fashion. «Ladele» is what Zurich residents call enjoying a leisurely shopping spree through the multi-faceted districts of the city whether along the world-famous, bustling Bahnhofstrasse, in the picturesque Old Town with its 2,000+ years of history, along the banks of the River Limmat, or in the trendy urban quarters of Zurich-West and Aussersihl.



Zurich is situated in the very heart of Europe and at the foot of the Swiss Alps, and is the ideal base from which to explore Switzerland. Zurich Airport, which has direct connections to 170 destinations all over the world, is just a 10-minute train ride from the centrally located Zurich Main Station. The Swiss Alps are within easy traveling distance of Zurich – for example, for a day trip to Mount Titlis in central Switzerland or to the famous Jungfraujoch in the Bernese Oberland. Europe’s most powerful waterfalls, the imposing Rhine Falls, are no more than an hour away. In Zurich and the surrounding region, a dense public transport network of trams, buses and trains allows visitors to get around in comfort – as reliable and punctual as a Swiss watch. Anyone who prefers to enjoy a leisurely trip on the water can explore the verdant nature along the lake’s shores or riverbanks by boat. With a light breeze in your face and beautiful views of the lush vegetation along the shores, a cruise on Lake Zurich is particularly delightful in spring and summer. zuerich. com/excursions



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