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Check up: precise as a swiss watch



When you think of Switzerland, you think of precision and reliability. It’s here that you can buy a watch that will serve you well for over 200 years. Just like Swiss watch makers, Swiss doctors will help you get in sync with your body and improve your health. It’s here, in the birthplace of the most precise mechanisms and the highest tech, that foreign patients from around the world come in order to have a comprehensive health check-up.

Switzerland is an absolute leader in health care and the spa/recreational industries. Here, specialists are always working to develop new and improved methods for delivering both general examinations as well as check-ups for individual systems and organs. Swiss doctors take notice of the slightest changes in analyses and examination findings, providing an early warning system for any «risk areas». Based on insights garnered through examinations, they develop a list of recommendations, making sure that any disease can be addressed at the first signs of any pathological changes. These doctors look into a wide range of factors, such as what you eat, the air you breathe, how you cope with stress and the problems you face in your life. They seek to identify any possible deviations and risk factors. They know that a combination of such factors has a deep impact on your health and wellbeing.

The most advanced technologies, used by the doctors, enable them to identify negative health factors that doctors elsewhere might easily miss. For instance, Swiss doctors can see if your blood contains heavy metals such as lead, mercury or cadmium, found in exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke and household chemicals. These elements might be found in the air that you breathe and they can have an extremely detrimental impact on your whole body.



A comprehensive check-up may take up to three days. However, patients do not have to spend the whole time in hospital. The tests may cover an individual area of research or several such areas at the same time. The doctors draw up a personal program covering either a check-up of individual organs (including any corresponding analyses) or a complete body examination, especially for foreign patients. If you need to examine only one particular area, you can visit the hospital for only one day, consult with the doctors (including leading worldwide specialists, such as Thomas Luscher, Cardiology Department Director at the University Hospital Zurich, or Daniel Fink, one of the top European gynecologists), have the tests and return home on the same day.

Your results will be delivered to you within the shortest possible period of time and in the format that you have requested. If you need to undergo a thorough analysis into all of the functions and systems of your body, the check-up will take several days. The doctors will seek wider insights into your condition and may request a number of additional tests, making sure that the right diagnosis is provided and that all of your concerns have been addressed. In all cases, the Swiss doctors will brief you in detail as to the tests you need to take, the reasons for those tests and any findings they discover.

When drawing up a check-up plan the doctors include only what you need, as they always seek to comply with regulations and justify every decision they take.

You can be sure that doctors everywhere will recognize the findings of the check-up, accompanied as they are by a comprehensive and in-depth commentary. For instance, you can undergo a full check-up, obtain the results and hand them over to a specialist elsewhere in the world in order to set up a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan.

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