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Dear Readers,



We are happy to greet you once again with the new issue of Swiss Health Magazine.

It is amazing how fast time flies and things change! Every moment brings something new, the changes being more dramatic than ever. However, there are permanent things in this dramatically changing world; for example, Swiss healthcare. Swiss clinic are still open and admitting patients from other countries, and Swiss doctors have shown the best results in treating patients with COVID-19. Again and again, the country shows its commitment to the Swiss way: traditionalism, confidence, and progressive development.

Switzerland’s leading medical centers are open to anyone, if he or she needs rehabilitation following coronavirus or other diseases or injuries. Telemedicine is one of the services that are rapidly developing in the challenging circumstances of today.

Telemedicine offers the chance of receiving a remote consultation or organize a case conference with world-class Swiss doctors. Now that not everyone has the chance to fly to Switzerland, a chance to get a second medical opinion (today many even speak of a third one) or to address unique specialists is of great interest to patients.

Even our doctors’ lives are changing, for example, Professor Paul R.Vogt has become director and senior consultant at the cardiac surgery clinic of the University Hospital Zurich.

Valens, one of the leading European clinics, and Grand Resort Bad Ragaz have presented a joint rehabilitation package.

Prof. Tayfun Gungor, head of the Department of Stem Cell Transplantation at the University Children’s Hospital Zurich, is still treating young patients suffering from chronic granulomatous disease. He uses new treatment protocols to help them live a full life.

Prof. Jan Schmidt, head of Swiss Surgery, has put together a wonderful team of the best Swiss surgeons. In his interview with SHM, he emphasizes the area of pancreatic surgery, revealing how complex surgery is done (including pancreas, liver and digestive tract transplantations) and what new solutions medicine has now to treat cancers effectively.

Robert Reisch, a professor and a founder of Endomin, the Centre for Endoscopic and Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery, speaks about new neurosurgical methods.

Furkat Davronov, a gynecologist who consults women all around the world, gives an interview in which he tells us about the measures that can help to prevent breast cancer and what you should do if you are sick. Michael Meier, a dentist, describes the new possibilities of veneer placement – without drilling or grinding – and why Swiss doctors are the best at doing this job. Vincent Perez, a famous Swiss actor and the person on the cover, speaks about his favorite places in Lausanne, his parents, his children, and his festival.

Yes, life goes on, despite these difficult times. Children are born, and dentists are waiting for us to make our smiles shine. We still enjoy watching movies. A TV at home is of course not the same as the cinema, but it is still a good way to watch movies with your favorite actor.

Dominique Chenot, the owner of Chenot Palace Health Wellness Retreat Weggis, tells us about a healthy diet, beauty and the secrets of energy restoration with the help of very simple products. When you look at her, you understand immediately that a time machine really exists. Very simple things can transport you 20 years back in time: movement, a healthy diet, optimism. Nowadays this is especially important.


With best wishes, Maria-Anna Lämmli,

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Swiss Health Мagazine,

President of Swiss Health Tourism  

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