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If the words «healthy diet» mean something to you, you know that seafood is probably the best option for your health. It contains unsaturated fatty acid, iron, phosphorus, calcium, iodide, vitamins – everything you need and more! And if we talk of black caviar, there is simply no point in naming all of its benefits: it contains virtually all your body needs for a healthy life.

This fact is well known to Kasperskian AG, a supplier of caviar which uses modern technologies, not only enhancing the products quality but also conserving fish resources. These matters were discussed in the following interview with Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, Kasperskian AG board member and internationally recognized businessman.

– Mr. Brabeck-Letmathe, who came up with the idea of creating this unique business?

– The idea was suggested by Renato Stefani and our Russian friend Konstantin Sidorov. They were looking for a shareholder, and they came to me.

– What interested you in the project?

For me, sustainability (the balance between

human needs and the needs of the environment – Ed) is the first priority. Many people do not now eat caviar at all, because the fish is gutted and killed for caviar. Moreover, this goes against the idea of sustainability and can lead to the sturgeons complete extinction. We, however, use an approach based on environmental sustainability. In a way, we cooperate with the fish: during its life, it gives us caviar and we take care of it over 17 years, from its birth to its biological maturity. In addition, I like the idea of using no preservatives, of producing perfectly pure caviar with nothing added but salt. Respect for the fish, the sustainability principle, and, of course, the purity of the product were the three things that made me support the project.

Caviar is a luxury product with social and cultural importance: traditionally, it was served during holidays and special occasions. As a result, it is now hard to imagine a Christmas or New Year without it…



– Are there, globally, any technologies similar to the ones used by Kasperskian AG?

– Of course, there are some small businesses producing black caviar that also try to keep the fish alive. However, we are a unique enterprise in terms of product purity and scale of production.

– You have an international team of specialists in your company, from Switzerland, Russia, China…

– We picked this team carefully. For example, the fish-processing specialist (Fischmaster) is from Germany; the caviar-processing specialist (Caviarmaster) is from Russia. This specialist came with a recommendation from a Russian center engaged in caviar production research.

– Are you thinking about going global?

– Yes, we are planning to sell our caviar globally. The company has already obtained a halal certificate, meaning that we can supply our product to Islamic countries. The next step is introducing the product in Russia, the largest caviar importer in the world. Of course, if Russia does not have enough caviar it can buy it from us. There is also Europe, where we are starting with Switzerland and its closest neighbors. After that, we will see if we can enter the Chinese and Japanese markets. For this, we will need to do some additional research. The Chinese produce caviar themselves, but our product is of the highest quality.



– In Russia, caviar is thought to be good for health, and it is recommended for certain health problems. Have you considered this?

– This is very interesting. In Europe, caviar is not as popular as a health product as it is in Russia. Maybe the price is to blame: the medicine proves to be rather expensive! However, pure black caviar is indeed very good for one’s health as it contains valuable proteins, unsaturated fatty acid, and other healthy elements recommended for a healthy and balanced died. From this viewpoint, I understand the position; I support the idea of a healthy lifestyle.

– What goes best with black caviar, to your taste: a glass of white wine, a shot of vodka, or Champagne?

– I am not a fan of different additives; I find that they take away from the taste of the caviar, or make it taste plain bad. So I put caviar onto a small potato (a neutral taste), with maybe a slice of lemon on top of that, and a shot of vodka to wash it down.

Interview by Maria-Anna Lammli


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