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Greatness is nearby



While staying at the Leonardo Boutique Hotel Rigihof, feeling the presence of the many great people who have lived in Zurich, you better understand this amazing city.

What do you and Albert Einstein have in common? Maybe you, as did the great physicist, think that everything is relative. For sure, thoughts about the theory of relativity and the vicissitudes of fate will come upon you if you stay at the Leonardo Boutique Hotel Rigihof, located in the very heart of the city. Each of its 67 rooms is dedicated to this historydefining personality, who lived part of his life in Zurich.

Albert Einstein – hotel room number 304 is dedicated to him – wandered through the streets of this city, experiencing moments of sadness and moments of joy. He admired the majestic buildings of the University of Zurich and probably visited the nearby zoo. And the most famous disciple of Freud, Karl Gustav Jung – did he analyze the city, watching passersby running back and forth? How did Rudolf Sprungli, one of the founders of the famous confectionery empire, create his chocolate masterpieces? Famous writers, architects, actors, businessmen – all have found something of their own here. For some, Zurich is an intellectual capital… for some, a place of financial success… for others, the most romantic city in the world.

You can experience your own Zurich while staying in its very heart, the university quarter, at the Leonardo Boutique Hotel Rigihof. As well as the nearby university hospital, all the major attractions are within 10 minutes’ walk. The old city, the majestic gray domes of the Grossmünster, the Fraumünster Church with Chagall’s frescoes, and the famous Bahnhofstrasse with its boutiques and banks, the Zurich Opera, where you can see “The Nutcracker” or some modern theatrical production… its ideal location makes the Leonardo Boutique Hotel Rigihof a real treasure for tourists, lovers of architecture, and businessmen. It is easy to get to anywhere in the city from here.



Having taken a long walk through the narrow streets and then taken care of business, you will be happy to return to rest in the hotel. It does not overload you with information or an abundance of details. The building itself is the brightest example of an architectural style, the ancestor of which is the famous ‘Bauhaus’ German art movement. The motto is, “The function determines the form”. Every corner, every wall of the building, carries forth this rational idea. Clean lines, bright colors and open areas create a sense of spaciousness. Elegant design, executed in the spirit of the Bauhaus, helps you to relax and gain inner peace. Each of the 67 rooms has its own mood, and in each room you will find a picture or painting indicating a connection with another time, with one of the iconic personalities of those years.

The hotel is 4* and is equipped with all amenities, not only for recreation but also for work – you can sit and surf the Internet or hold a business meeting in the stylishly decorated restaurant or bar. In case you need to organize an event, the Eileen Gray conference hall, with a capacity of up to 30 people, is equipped with all modern technology; here you can easily create the right atmosphere for a seminar, conference or presentation.

If you want to switch from intellectual activities to physical activities, the hotel is ready to serve you. You can’t imagine your life without jogging? At your disposal is Dolder Forest, where you can completely disconnect from the city’s hustle and bustle. Fans of hiking are sure to love Rigiblick, where you can admire Zurich from a hill – it offers a delightful view of Lake Zurich.

Greatness is nearby – you will understand this once you are acquainted with the lives of some of the remarkable people who have lived in Zurich. All of us can make our own discoveries – perhaps not great ones on a historical scale, but significant for you and for your loved ones.

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