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The art of well being



We all are getting sometimes tired or feeling sick. How to recharge the batteries and get back the taste of life? We discussed this with Dr. Michael Gaille, doctor of the Cure Reset program, Clinique Nescens. Dr. Gaille has always been passionate about sport and nutrition. His researches led him to discover the benefits that nutrition can have on health and disease prevention. Passionate about his work, he specialised in preventive and anti-ageing medicine.

Many Swiss clinics nowadays offer programs for losing weight or revitalization. What makes the program Cure Reset Nescens specific and unique?

– Our program is unique because above all it focuses and making people healthier, which will give them more energy, make them feel better, age better and lose weight in the process. For us it is also important to teach our clients healthy habits around nutrition, physical activity, sleep and stress management. That will allows them to take better and healthier decisions for themselves and empower them to take control over their health. We go much farther than just weight loss.

– Program includes physical and mental activity, nutrition consulting etc. There were used the researches of doctors – could you tell more about this researches? What kind if specialists and experts were working on this program?

– We have a big team working on this program: 2 medical doctors trained in personalized medicine and anti-aging aging medicine by the American academy of anti-aging medicine, 1 board certified psychiatrist for the mental health part, 1 PhD in neurosciences that does neurofeedback and neuro training, 1 certified nutritionist, 1 certified osteopath, nurses, sport coaches, breathing and yoga instructors. All the program is based on research that my colleague and myself put together over the past 8 years.



– The program Cure Reset Nescens includes two parts – detox + weight loss and weight control + revitalization? Or there are two different programs?

– Cure Reset actually includes four parts or programs that are different from each other. One is weight loss and detox, one is focused on longevity and better aging, one is focused on performance (physical and or mental) and the fourth one is focused on revitalization and stress management.

– When patient is coming first time for treatment in the program Cure Reset Nescens, should he bring medical tests and results of examinations?

– Yes, if they have previous blood tests or other tests, we ask them to bring them so we have more medical information in order to make a more personalized program.

– In program’s description mentioned opportunity to do genetic testing, intestinal microbiota analysis etc. These examinations could be provided in the Clinique Nescens?

– The blood tests are done at the clinic, the microbiota test and genetic test are done by partners of ours that focus just their specific field.



– Program includes as well osteo-articular consultation, what is his function in this program?

– The goal of the osteo-articular consultation is to assess our clients’ osteo-articular problems if any are present and to make sure there are no contra-indications to our therapies and sport activities. If the osteopath finds problems, he can treat them during the assessment. Some clients ask for a second consultation the give a follow up to the treatment.

– In the description of program are mentioned high-tech treatments, could you tell more about this?

– The Cure Reset focuses mainly on having healthier lifestyle habits, but we also use different types of technologies to accelerate the positive results. Some of those technologies are well known like the cryotherapy, infra-red sauna, hyperbaric oxygen chamber and sensory privation tank and others not as much (hypoxic training, photobiomodulation, infra-red dome, vasper, and others).



– What may expect the patient after having the Cure Reset Nescens program?

– The majority of our clients report having more energy and that they feel better. Some report better sleep and most of those that came for weight loss start to lose weight (limited in only 7 days) but we see have a positive shift in metabolism and that they start burning fat as energy, which is our goal.

– Who is target audience for the program Cure Reset Nescens?

– Our programs will have benefits on the health of all the people that come to visit us, whatever their age or their goals so everyone is welcome. But as our programs have different focuses, they can each target a specific audience: a high level athlete can come for specific training and recovery, someone that wants to lose weight can come to focus on that, older people that have better aging and disease prevention in mind can have benefits as well and lastly, people that look for a place to relax and revitalize can find what they are looking for by visiting us.



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