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Second wind



A spa is more than just a range of services and programs for face and body care. It is a philosophy that includes a conscious attitude towards the world around us. It is a short but intense journey into your real self and a sense of discreet, tranquil pleasure in each moment. You will understand this when you come to Cinq Mondes, a renovated spa center in the Swiss Beau-Rivage Palace Hotel.


The perfect union

The collaboration between Beau-Rivage Palace and the famous Cinq Mondes Spa chain is a perfect partnership. The founders of Cinq Mondes created a sensation when they came up with the idea to revolutionize centuries-old beauty traditions from China, Japan, Siam, India and Morocco. Based on their pioneering ideas, they released new lines of skincare products of the highest quality, as well as new spa programs and treatments available in different parts of the world.



Over the last 15 years, Cinq Mondes has opened salons in Paris, Marseilles, Monaco, Morocco, the Dominican Republic and Mauritius, not to mention Lausanne, famous to connoisseurs of understated luxury. Beau-Rivage Palace, with 150 years of rich history and a unique ability to preserve and reimagine traditions, fits into this respectable Swiss town very well.



It seems that time has stood still inside this exquisite, centuries-old piece of belle époque architecture, overlooking Lake Geneva and surrounded by Swiss Alpine lacework. Inside, one instantly feels the urge to slow down, to sink into blissful isolation without endless worrisome smartphone messages and signals. At the same time, Beau-Rivage is equally welcoming to both lovers of the slow life and also to those who prefer to stay in contact even while on holiday. The choice is yours. One option is to yield to the temptation of the magnificent classic interior and enjoy an aristocratic mode of leisure, much as the noble guests of the hotel did a hundred years ago, slowly idling away the time between meals. Or you can try the ultimate hitech available in the hotel rooms, staying in contact with the outside world while casting glances at the peaceful scenery through your picture window. One way or another, a magic journey to the Cinq Mondes universe is a rare pleasure worth indulging in.


On a global scale

The new design of the Cinq Mondes Spa Center in Lausanne is the brainchild of Supreme Architectures, a premiere agency. They have managed to create a unique 1,500 square meter space. Natural colors, winding corridors and golden light simultaneously reference both past and future. To some, this may look like stage scenery replicating a magic world full of pleasure and sensory experiences… or maybe some gorgeous chambers left behind for us by an ancient civilization, a place where the secrets of eternal youth and beauty were once discovered.



The spa area has eight treatment rooms, a relaxation room, a gym, a yoga room, two heated swimming pools and a restaurant. If you have already been a guest at the Beau-Rivage Palace, you will be impressed. Here you will find all the treatments that you know and love, based on the world’s best practices of face and body care; it took many years for JeanLouis Poiroux, the founder of the company, to collect and implement those practices. Here you face a hard choice… Ko Bi Do Youth is a rejuvenating facial program in which Japanese techniques meet Chinese medicine. The Kingdom of Siam is a regenerating program for body and soul based on Balinese practices. Immersive Ayurvedic massage performed with a special audio track offers full relaxation. Our programs also include aromatherapy, hammam, and yoga. The secret here is that no matter what program you choose, the choice will be right.



If you plan to improve your body, you can choose one of the special detox programs: a special massage, treatments based on traditional Brazilian medicine, and the local craft of dermapuncture, which gives the same result as acupuncture, but without needles.



This is not only about rejuvenation, beauty and relaxation, but also about improving one’s health, for people not only come to the Beau-Rivage Palace to have a good rest but also to take care of themselves: the hotel works with a large local clinic specializing in dentistry, dermatology and non-invasive aesthetic medicine. Maintaining health, however, does not exclude worldly pleasures. The Anne-Sophie Pic with its rich and sophisticated cuisine, the Japanese Miyako Lausanne, the Italian L’Accademia and the other local cafes and restaurants cater to every taste – and don’t neglect their wine collections, of course. Another good thing to do when you feel rejuvenated is to rediscover the world around you, engulfed by its inimitable beauty.

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