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A journey to yourself



What associations does the word Chenot evoke for you? Is it the name of legendary nutritionist Henri Chenot, who proclaimed healthy nutrition principles that are still valid, more than 50 years later? You are getting warmer! Or is it the name of a famous health centre in Italy where movie and music stars, globallyknown politicians and CEOs of big companies go for beauty and youth? You’re hot! But now it’s going to get even hotter.


This spring, Chenot Palace Health Wellness Retreat Weggis opened by Lake Lucerne. It has become a flagship property of our network and a research and development centre. This means that the best technologies and timeproven wellness programs are available now in the very heart of Europe. The editor of Swiss Health Magazine went to Weggis in order to find out first-hand how to restore energy.


An infinite resource


Chenot is a destination for a reset. Here you can clean your body of toxins and tone it up. If prior to detox you went overboard with junk food, now you can clean up your act. And of course, as a result you will get a new version of yourself, an improved and updated one. I needed to recharge my batteries, and Chenot Palace Health Wellness Retreat Weggis was the ideal place for it.

Once you arrive, you will never believe that the Chenot centre has opened only recently, so natural does this destination look. This is the method of Henri Chenot, where the centuries-old traditions of oriental medicine and the achievements of western medicine are combined in order to give our bodies long life, and to bring back the youth that allows our bodies to generate the energy needed for beauty and health. And this is in a country where everything has a prefix like ‘eco’ or ‘bio’ and where everybody knows that the best treatment means body care, early diagnostics and disease prevention.


George Gaitanos, the Chief Operating Officer and Scientific Director of Chenot Group


“The absolute value of the Henri Chenot method is that it shows why your vitality is decreasing and what leads to ageing. The success of this method lies in diagnostics and therapy, with procedures that are not isolated but closely connected. The guests gain their own experience of how important is it to invest in mental and physical health, starting from an early age, because as a result you will have a beautiful, sound, healthy and well-balanced life”, explains George Gaitanos, the Chief Operating Officer and Scientific Director of Chenot Group.


Get ready to work


Chenot Palace Health Wellness Retreat in Weggis is located in a picturesque place on Lake Lucerne. “For us, Weggis was an ideal choice, because this is a small town with an incredible view of the Swiss Alps, as well as fresh air and tranquility. This is a place that perfectly reflects the Chenot philosophy rooted in the balance of body, mind and environment”, says George Gaitanos.



The brick pinnacles of the main building, the private beach and the comfy terrace will immediately wake your inner sybarite. In such an environment it is high time to relax with a glass of sparkling wine, to turn to face to the sunshine and lie down with a book or just go for a walk. Or you can get to know other guests, amongst whom you might meet a blogger with a million-strong audience, or the founder of some wellknown IT company, or an award-winning athlete. The genuine Dolce Vita.

But be ready: you will have to work on yourself. The most popular basic 7 day-course includes diagnostics, a daily energy massage, hydro-aromatherapy, a mud bath and the famous Sharko shower. There are also a number of physiotherapeutic procedures on stateofthe-art medical equipment and appointments with a nutritionist and a physician. Do not forget the nutrition scheme designed for you and for healthy sleep, because the best results are impossible without it. So, tuck away the champagne until your next vacation, and let’s go meet your nutritionist and physician. They will assess your body’s condition and draw up your individual therapy plan and menu. If necessary, they will also recommend some additional procedures.


The best and the favorite and only for you


I approached my first meeting with the nutritionist like a straight-A student who is absolutely ready for an examination. I have not eaten meat for many years, I carefully read the labels on products I buy, and I drink a lot of water. But the science of nutrition is moving forward and there are more and more options for healthy nutrition, and in different periods of life we need different sets of useful microelements and vitamins. The doctor listened carefully to my wishes, asked about my nutrition and of course praised me; however, he gave some recommendations and drew up a personal detox menu for me.

The personal approach – this is what wins you over in Chenot as soon as you cross the threshold. Maybe we are all getting old in the same way, but the reasons for ageing are always different, and they will be determined through diagnostics by the Henri Chenot method, with Lifestyle Biomarkers. Lifestyle Biomarkers is part of the in-house knowhow that forms this unique method with its 50‑year history and raises it to new heights. The check-up encompasses the determination of blood vessels’ age, the mineral substances balance and the degree of heavy metals intoxication, as well as oxidative stress measurement and analysis of the collagen content in the skin, and all of it by means of advanced medical equipment. Depending on the selected course or recommendations from the doctor, this can be supplemented by ultrasound examination and computer tomography.



The whole check-up is conducted in a most delicate and comfortable way. It feels like taking measurements in a first-class tailor’s shop, only that as a result you get, instead of an ideally fitting haute couture suit or dress, a wellness program that will change your life completely.

The sensation of lightness will set in after the very first procedures. Once you land at the massage table or dive into a bath with oils and essences prepared according to in-house recipes, the reset starts. In the loving hands of the Chenot professionals you seem to return to a happy childhood, without the complications and never-ending choices of adult life. It is rewarding for a person who has to make non-stop decisions because the well-being of dozens of employees depends on them. And one more thing – you will sleep very well in Chenot, even if insomnia was a problem before. It is not magic, it’s pure science. Based on the latest studies, they have created the ideal conditions for a deep and healthy sleep in the hotel rooms: light, sounds and scents. It’s also helpful if guests keep to their daily schedule. “A healthy sleep means following the everyday rituals of going to bed”, explains George Gaitanos, “and of course you should fall asleep and wake up at the same time. It works”.

To the followers of a healthy lifestyle and to my female friends, the stay in Chenot is like going to the countryside for a week-end, and this is essential. Those who come for the first time might be surprised by a dress code suggested for breakfast and lunch: guests are encouraged to appear at the dining table wearing a morning gown. But when you are here, it becomes normal. The daily schedule is so packed with various procedures and consultations that a careful selection of formal dress for lunch would only add unnecessary fuss. You should instead relax and enjoy to the fullest extent the meals from our in-house chef. The detox menu is versatile, exquisite and delicious. As in all other Chenot centers, in Weggis we look forward to welcoming and surprising the most pampered guests.


Swiss image as a secret code


When you enter the Chenot Palace Health Wellness Retreat Weggis, you enter both a fairy tale and a science-fiction movie. Alpine landscapes and the general state of mind and body account for the fairy tale, in which you miraculously lose several years and two or three kilos in just one week. The science-fiction aspect is accounted for by the advanced physiotherapeutic equipment used in our centre. Cryotherapy, high-frequency therapy, neuroacoustic relaxation, photo biomodulation – all of the things so valued in the other European Chenot centers are also available here. The procedures are carried out gently and delicately, and the rejuvenation of your body will start in the same natural and discreet way. Even if you came here in complete disarray, you will be fixed again. And what is more, you will learn some secrets as to how to maintain the effects of your stay here for the longest time possible. “Following the results of your stay and the diagnostics, our medical team will design personal recommendations for every guest”, says George Gaitanos. “We will advise you on how to correct your lifestyle so your health benefits”.



When saying good-bye to Chenot, you will suddenly feel that La Dolce Vita is not found in a glass of sparkling wine, nor compliments from other people, and not from one more new outfit… and for sure not from a burger that you had after midnight. It comes from the life inside us, in our infinite resources that need care and recharging from time to time.

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