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Ayurvedic retreat



Learn a better way to live with your body and emotions

From Monday 24th to Friday 28th September 2018.

From the very beginning, Cinq Mondes has been partners with Dr. Ghanshayam Marda, owner of an Indian clinic and winner of the gold medal for Ayurveda from Pune University. In particular, Dr Marda is responsible for the authenticity of the treatments offered by the brand.

In September, he will join you at Beau-Rivage Palace for a 5-day ayurvedic retreat. Following individual consultations, he considers your true nature in order to guide you on the path to balancing body and mind.

5 days to while away the hours in a relaxing haven, unwind, re-centre yourself and give way to inner peace.
5 days with more than 7 hours‘ worth of treatments at Cinq Mondes spa.
5 days of balanced meals cooked by Dr. Marda’s own chef.

Find out more about the full programme below and reserve one of the 10 places available. Both lunch and dinner are served in a private dining room in the presence of Dr. Marda and cooked by his own chef.

You will receive all the nutrition required to make the retreat a success. Receptionists at the Cinq Mondes spa will greet you with a health drink every day. Treatment times are determined according to the individual.

Package for 5 days, consultations, meals and treatments included:

  • Double room from CHF 4’950.- per person.
  • Single room from CHF 5’600.- per person.

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